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Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year! ♡

Hey Everyone,
Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it's 2016 already, and as it is now the New Year I would share with you my New Years resolutions. 
2015 has been a tough year for me and my family and we are all looking forward to a fresh start, however this year has shown me that I get through anything (with the support of my friends). So I am looking forward for the fresh start, but this year has been amazing and has given me so many amazing memories! And I want 2016 to be even better, so here aresome of my New Years resolutions:
1.) Live life with less worries and do what makes me happy. 
I have chosen to go with this resolution because I know that I worry too much about what people will think of me, how I act and dress and I know that this needs to come to an end, and do what makes me happy and what will make me a happier person and in general a better person.
2.) Get fit and be healthier.
This one needs no explanation, I am always looking to improve my fitness and eat different healthier food and I always feel better when I do.
3.) Take more pictures and appreciate each moment more.
I feel that I have this resolution every year, but I think that this is a really important resolution and that everyone should try it. 
4.) Continue this blog for as long as possible and do not give no matter what people say about it.

So what are your New Years resolutions? Tell me in the comments below, best wishes for the year ahead and I hope you all have an amazing 2016!

CharlotteAnn ♡

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A Fresh Start ♡

Hey Everyone,
This is my new blog. I have already said this once, but it didn't turn out how I planned. I began writing a blog this time last year, but all my friends found out and I gave up...
I was to afraid to continue writing because of what other people will think of me (which should not stop you doing anything), and I now realise now that this will boost my confidence on soo many levels and perhaps I could inspire you all to increase your confidence and achieve your goals - and new years resolutions because it is that time of year again!

Throughout my life I have always loved reading and writing ( I actually started to write a book when I was younger and is on my old computer), but now I'm getting older I realise that I should find ways to share my love for the things I do and and want to do. So what I hope to achieve with this blog is that I may become a successful blogger and hopefully move into YouTube as well. 

But I have been inspired and be given the confidence by Zoe Sugg's books and have realised that this is a place where I can share with you my thoughts and not care about getting judged or being afraid. The book has also shown me not to be worried and focus on the negatives of blogging and putting yourself online, but that are so many more positives, which links to one of my new years resolutions and something that will just improve my life and that is to live life with less worries and do what makes me happy.  

I have zero clue what I will write about, but they will probably be girly topics such as beauty or fashion (which all the things I love), but I would also like to write about baking and my favourite recipes. So I hope you all enjoy this blog and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! 
What are your New Years Resolutions? Tell me in the comments below. 

CharlotteAnn ♡